Tuesday, September 30, 2014

MOVE Challenge Infomation

This Challenge will help to jump start your weight loss.  It's about eating cleaning and flushing your system.  It is to replace the Fat Fast or Egg fast as those tend to make you loss while you are doing it but then when you go back to eating normal low carb you gain it back and then some people stall out.  This is a better option as you are not putting your body in starvation mode and messing up your metabolism.

MOVE Challenge Information
MOVE stands for Meat, Oil, Veggie, Exercise
NO diary except butter
NO Sweetener
NO processed foods of any kind:bacon, ham, hotdogs, deli meat, brats, etc.
DRINK 100oz of water a day.
EXERCISE 30minutes a day. Can be walking, jogging, running, jumping, sex, swimming, etc. Can do it in segments but has to total 30 minutes or more a day.
Can use spices but no combo spices. Watch for fillers and added ingredients should only be spices.
Mustard: should just be made with vinegar, mustard seed, and spices. No added fillers and sugar.
Frank's hot sauce
Organic mayo with natural ingredients or make your own
Can use canned products with just natural ingredients.
I have a homemade taco seasoning on my blog:www.charitysweightlossjourney.blogspot.com
Do it for 7 days. Use it for stalls, increased cravings, detox body, and just to get back to the basics!
Any questions, just ask:)