Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hello All!!

Well, alot has been going on in my crazy live.  I have falling off my journey to a happier, healthier me.  I have gained back 60lbs since hitting my goal back in 4/2012 as alot of life changing effects happened and I let them get the best of me.  Well on 3/31/2014 my boyfriend and I will be expecting our first baby together.  We where overwhelmed and very in shocked but as the month went by we are starting to get excited.  (He has a child that lives with us full time and I have 3 children that live with us part time.)  So some more expected changes in the near future.  Well, also since I found out I am pregnant I stopped smoking(31 days today since my last puff) and I am back on track with my eating and exercising.  I have lost 11lbs and have had no signs of morning sickness.  I am almost 12 weeks.  EDD:  11/16/2014.  I went to my first OB appointment and my Dr was pleased with my eating plan and exercising plan.  I will be continuing my low carb lifestyle but I will be upping my carbs to 50-100g a day.  So more veggies and I will be adding a serving of fruit a day.  I also was concerned about the glucose test that they do at 22 weeks.  I had gestational diabetes with my last child.  I told the Dr. that I would not like to do the test and what our my options.  She ask me my concerns and I told her that I am worried that I will drink that pure sugar drink and get sick as I have had no refined sugar since 2011 so it will most likely make me sick and the test will come out inaccurate.  She suggested that at each appointment she would like to do a fasting blood draw to check my fasting glucose.  I agreed.  So I will be going to morning appointments:)  Next Tuesday we have our first ultra sound to check growth and EDD.  Excited to see the little one.
I am hoping to keep you all up to date as I miss blogging my thoughts and my love of food and finding new recipes.  Right now I have been keeping it simple and basic.  Hope you all have a good low carb day and remember don't beat yourself up if you fall.  Just brush yourself off and KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!

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