Monday, June 4, 2012

My New Challenge

Well, I have been maintaining around 155-160 which I am very happy where I am at.  I have came along way to get here and I am very proud that I have made it.  Now, my next challenge is to quit smoking.  I know, very bad for you and why did I even start again.  I quit 2 years ago and was doing really good, then started social smoking with friends, well now it has become full time.  This time I am going to quit and quit for good!!  I want to be healthier and able to run without wheezing or coughing.  I am going to go cold turkey.  Hopefully, I won't gain too much weight, as everybody says quiting smoking makes you gain.  I am going to use exercise as my go to.  Making it my new habit:)  Could always use more, right?

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