Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What's Up?

Well, last Monday was my last day of smoking!!  The first 5 days was rough.  Ate anything and everything.  Went to the gym every day plus some and gained 10lbs:(  I have gained 17lbs back in 2 months and 10 of those lbs was just last week.  Told my self on Sunday that I need to get back on track.  So on Monday this week I went back to induction phase.  I am doing a clean induction, no sweetners, no processed foods.  Just real wholesome foods.  If its not meat, cheese, oils, eggs, veggies I don't eat it.  This week has been going good and I have been feeling better.  No cravings.  I have also lost 5lbs since Monday!! I'M BACK AT IT!!

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