Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Maintaining is hard.  I have falling off and have added to much at once.  I haven't had the motivation to work out, either.  I have gained 4 lbs.  So today, I am going to cut out all sweetners and higher carb veggies and all fruit for a couple days and see if I can drop these 4 lbs.  I AM also going back to the gym today.  If it is not Meat, Oils, Veggies, Eggs and Cheese I will NOT eat it. 

Next week I am going in to get my wedding ring resized.  It has been way too big and I had to get a gold wrap so I could wear it.  Now the wrap is up as far has it will go and it is still lose.  All my other rings are to big too, but those will have to wait.

Have a wonderful. low carb day:)

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