Monday, July 16, 2012

What's up:)

Well, since my last what's up post, I was back smoking.  On July 1st, my hubby and I made a pact.  He would quit chewing and I would quit smoking.  I threw my pack of cigs away and he threw is tin of chew away.  Since then I have not had one puff and as far as I know, hubby hasn't had any chew.  Also on the 11th of July I started a sugar fast with some friends of mine.  I am doing a modified version to stay on my Atkins lifestyle.  No sweetener, no alcohol, no processed food of any kind(hidden sugars and fillers) for 30 days.  I fell off on the 12th as my in-laws took us out for dinner at a chinese buffet with sushi.  I splurged big time.  So I started over on the 15th when I got home from vacation.  Today, I also started a 10 day whole body cleansing with a all natural kit.  To help kick start my weight loss again and to cleanse my body of toxins.  Been drinking to much these last couple of months:(  It's hard not to splurge with summer here, all the family and friends get-togethers, and weddings.  Now, I need to get back into gear and get back to working out.  Been slacking on that too.  Today is a new day!!!  I CAN DO IT!!!!

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