Monday, January 9, 2012

Challenge-Going out with family or friends

One of my biggest weight loss challenges is going out with friends or family.  Most entertainment evolves around food and drinks.  While sitting at MNO(mom night out) this last friday at our local Applebee's and wondering what I want to nibble on and drink.  While, I was good that night(had water and a serving of Classic Buffalo wings), if that was me a year ago I would of ordered the spinach and articoke dip with chips and a few long island ice teas.  While I still spulge on drinks/food once in a while, I tend to have will power and say "no" and have found other alternatives that are low in carbs and sugar-free.  It has been hard watching other people eat desserts as I LOVE DESSERTS but as long as I have something to nibble on that is lower in carbs and within my calorie intake I am good.  Also sugar-free gum has been my life saver.  When I have the urge for something sweet while out, I throw in a peice of gum and sip on water.   Most of my friends are amazed with my will power.  It was like I switched it on and it has stayed on.  I have been over weight my whole life and never had this much will power with food until last year.  Something in me just kicked in.  I am glad it did and it shows!! 

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