Sunday, January 8, 2012

My First Post

Hello, My name is Charity and I am a work at home mother to 3 wonderful children.  I do custom dewing and alterations.  I started my weight loss journey back in October 2010 weighing in at my all time highest of 285.  Lossing 6lbs though December tracking calories and portion control.  On January 3rd, 2011 I kicked it up and started The Atkins lifestyle along with a Biggest Loser Challenge on my Mom forum(I didn't win, but I am still a winner in my book).  My first month I lost 14lbs.  It has been hard but I have alot of great support from my wonderful husband, children and all my wonderful friends.  My friends are the ones that told me I needed to start this blog:).  There have been time I have falling off but I got back on, the next meal, the next day.  There has been weight loss stalls, but I kept going.  As I say and I say it often "I CAN DO IT" or "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming".  I am doing this for me.  I want to be happy, healthy and full of life.  Well I am almost there.  On November 18th, 2011 I hit 185.  100lbs LOST!!!  Since then I have stalled and my weight has been staying at 185-187.  On December 3rd, 2011 my Husband and I joined the local Gym here.  I have gone almost every day.  We did miss a little over a week as we where out of state for the Holidays. I did end up gaining 6lbs but I am almost back down to where I started when I left(187).  This morning I was 188.  I will be posting photo's, recipes, and just other things about me and my journey.  Hope you have a wonderful evening:)


  1. yay Thanks now that you gave us the out line lets hear what you do for food and challanges!

  2. Charity, Its inspiring to hear your story. More power to ya!! I look forward to hearing your favorite recipes.

  3. Way too go, you are very inspiring!!